With over 15 years of industry experience, the teams at Alarabi know how to get things done in the sometimes confusing world of outdoor advertising. Alarabi creative solutions took on it’ behalf the mission of leading the media industry in Palestine. Alarabi was the first media company that initiated the billboard media service in the West Bank and Gaza

There are many types of outdoor products: billboards, jumbo panels, walls capes, changing billboards , transit signs and point of sale displays, just to name a few. Alarabi knows the strengths and weaknesses of each and can help create the best outdoor media plan for your advertising campaign.

Our one-stop service provides you with an efficient, timesaving source to handle every aspect of your outdoor media purchase. At Alarabi, we do the work so you don’t have to. We find the locations, produce the materials and manage your campaign from start to finish regardless if it’s a small or a large national outdoor campaign.,

Outdoor Media
From LED Screen to Billboards Alarabi owns and manage more than 16500 m2 and more than 13 Led Screens of perfectly selected locations distributed across the West Bank and Gaza strip and east Jerusalem backed with well trained technical and support team. Since establishing in 1992, Alarabi has become the market leader. Our rapidly expanding portfolio accounts for a half of the out-of-home market and emphasises quality, location and innovation. We work closely with city councils and landowners to keep up leading, advertisers and competitive who familiar to our profile recognize this fact.